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Gas Cylinders Safety Regulations

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Morgale Gaz is a Certified LP gas retailer and gas appliance installer that means that all our installations are done according to Gas line and Gas Cylinder safety regulations. We also inspect existing gas installations and supply Gas compliance certificates (COC) for Insurance and house sales purposes.

When you install gas at your property, you need to make sure that it is done with your safety in mind and in accordance to the pertaining SANS regulation.

The SANS 10087-01 regulation deals with the installation, placement and storage of gas cylinders.

SANS Regulation Summary

1 Gas Bottles can not be placed closer than 1m to a door.
2 Gas Bottles can not be placed closer than 2m to an open drain or depression, where the gas can gather if the bottle leaks.
3 Gas Bottles can not be placed closer than 5m to an electrical switch, motor, generator, pool pump etc.
4 Gas Bottles can not be placed closer than 1m to the side of a window unless there is at least 300mm between the bottom of the window and the top of the bottle and a non combustible roof has been placed between the window and the bottle.
5 Bottles can not be placed closer than 1m to a boundary wall, unless the wall is a double brick “firewall” > 1.8m tall, with no ventilation gaps in the wall.
6 Only a registered LP gas installer may work on a gas system. Every installation must be signed off by installer with a valid certificate.
7 Copper pipe must be greater than class 1 or 0.7mm wall thickness (copper used for water is class 0) and any copper pipe passing through or embedded in a wall, cement or ground, must be protected with a protective sleeve.
8 Reinforced “orange” hose connecting appliances can not be longer than 2m and the hose can not have any joins and it can not pass through any walls or partition.

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Mogale Gaz does Gas line installation and Gas Bottle refills and deliveries in West rand, Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, Randfontein and other surrounding West rand areas.

Our turnaround times for Gas Compliance Certificates

Our service delivery time is depending on our workload but we will not make a commitment that we can’t keep.

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