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Gas Geyser Installation West Rand

Gas Geyser Installation – West Rand

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We are a registered Gas appliance installation company.

Gas geysers and gas water heaters installation, maintenance and repairs done in West rand, Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, Randfontein and other surrounding West rand areas.

Gas Geyser Installations have become very popular in the West rand and the rest of South Africa as an alternative to electric geysers and are often preferred above solar geysers.

Gas Geysers produce about a third of the greenhouse gas emissions of electric storage hot water systems.

Whilst Solar geysers are more environmentally friendly than Gas geysers, Gas geysers are cheaper to run and install initially, this is due to Gas Geysers being very energy efficient because they only use gas when hot water is actually being used.

It is recommended that gas geyser installation and gas appliance maintenance be done by a certified LP gas fitter as failure to heed LP Gas appliance and Gas cylinders safety regulations can lead to damage to your property, fire or bodily injury.

When we install gas geysers and gas water heaters we make sure the gas fitting runs smoothly and the gas bottles are placed safely and neatly. Our high safety standard means that you get a fully compliant gas connection that you can use with confidence.

How does a Gas Water Heater Work?

Gas water heater installation west rand


Gas geyser installation – Lead Times

We can offer great lead times as we keep all of our gas geyser installation parts in-stock. Our service delivery time is depending on workload but we will not make a time commitment that we can’t keep.

Contact us for any Gas Geyser installation West Rand

For general advice, gas geyser or gas water heater installation prices or to discuss your gas installation requirements, please call us on 082 413 6545 or 082 413 5197 or email us at Gerhard@MogaleGaz.co.za or Johan@MogaleGaz.co.za

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